New Stylish Fido VIP Club

I am very pleased to announce the Stylish Fido VIP Club is now up and running.



Spreads the cost of grooming into 12 monthly payments to help you budget
Discounted grooming prices
Guaranteed Grooming Appointments
Your dog always looks great

To be invited into this club you will need to be a regular client of the salon and have kept at least the last 6 appointments.

  • The dog must be an adult
  • You must have been charged about the same amount (within £5) for your last three grooms
  • You keep your dog to an agreed grooming schedule which is appropriate for the amount of maintenance you do at home and the dog’s coat type.


How it works:

First, we take your grooming fee and divide it by the number of weeks in between grooms. So the maths for a £42 groom on a six week schedule is 42/6=7

Now take the weekly figure, in this case £7, and times it by 52 to give an annual figure of £364

Now divide that by 12 to get the monthly fee of £30.33

Fees are paid by Standing Order on the 1st of every month.

You don’t have to worry about anything after that – we take care of everything for you! We will schedule your appointments and insure that your dog gets the very best attention while visiting us.

Your prices will be based on the price you are paying right now, but will be frozen for at least 12 months after you join the VIP Scheme, protecting you from unexpected price rises.

Email me if you are interested and haven’t yet been invited!