One to one lessons available. £40/per session (one hour). Steyning and local areas (mileage will apply outside of Steyning).

I am APDT trained and use only reward based training methods.

“We have enlisted the professional help of Caroline Still with training for our 5 month old puppy, Georgie on a one-to-one basis.
Georgie is eager to learn due to Caroline’s interactive, calm and fun approach.
Caroline has a wealth of training knowledge she is friendly, approachable and keen to give advice.
We can thoroughly recommend Caroline and indeed the excellent services offered by Stylish Fido.”
Andy and Wendy, Bramber, Steyning, West Sussex – Jan 2022

What is Clicker or Marker training?

Clicker training is a really positive training method based on rewarding an animal for good behaviour. Your pet will learn to understand the sound of the click means “good boy/good girl” and that a food treat is coming.

Clicking is much more effective than your voice for a couple of reasons. Firstly, your mood will influence how your voice can sound which is inconsistent. Secondly, by the time you’ve praised your pet they might have run off to do something else. A clicker gives a quick and clear plus consistent signal to your pet.

When animals are rewarded for the right behaviour, they are more likely to repeat good behaviour and look for ways that they can offer that behaviour so they get a treat, making training more of a game than a chore for them and you!

You do not have to use a clicker in class, as a marker word will have the same effect, anything that strengthens the bond between you and dog will work.

Classes will offer full opportunity to teach your dog/puppy all the basic behaviours that will provide a solid foundation for the rest of their lives.  We will cover as a minimum the following:

Sit, Stand, Lie down


Stay,  wait

Leave, drop

Walk on a loose lead

Basic manners eg Appropriate greetings (not jumping up), door manners (wait at door before going through), Wait for food, Control skills eg lie-down and stay on a mat. Teething problems, (inappropriate mouthing), appropriate greeting to other dogs,  food manners, resource guarding….

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