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Free 7-point healthcheck
Hand stripping
Clipping, stripping, brushing out, and coat cleaning
De-shedding treatments
Nail clipping
Ear plucking and cleaning
Eye cleaning
Hand drying only, no cage driers used
Fully qualified and insured
Individual attention for all ages and breeds
Considerate and gentle handling in a calm environment

Anxious or nervous dogs are handled with lots of care and a soft approach. We work at their pace to achieve the calmest and most positive groom.

We give extra rest breaks for the stressed, elderly, infirm or young dogs, so the whole process is as comfortable as possible. We can assure that your dog’s wellbeing is continually monitored whilst in our care.

We keep notes and a record of your dog’s condition, so ongoing health issues can be monitored. Feedback forms are given after every visit for your information.

T-Touch methods of relaxing are also used in the parlour to help keep our dog clients calm.


Hand Stripping due to the time and care involved is charged extra; for example Border Terriers £55, Welsh and larger will be more.

Nail clipping (if separate to a full groom where it is included) – £10.00*

Ears/eyes cleaning (if separate to full groom where it is included) – £5.00*

Microchipping – which includes immediate entry onto Petlog – £15.00*

*Please contact to book any of these services

We can accommodate all sizes and shapes of dogs from small Terriers to larger breeds.

Prices will vary on condition of coat, time taken, style required and size of dogs.

Small dogs – eg  Toy Poodles, Yorkies FROM £35

Medium – eg Westies, Spaniels, Cockerpoos, small Labradoodles FROM £40

Large – Goldendoodles, Airedales, Husky FROM £60

All full grooms include a 7 point healthcheck, ear plucking and cleaning, eye cleaning and nail clipping.


Use the booking form below to schedule your service.

**Notice added 23rd July**.  Due to an operation (at short notice) I am sorry that I am not able to take appointments from now until the week starting 21 September 2020. Feel free to book September and onward appointments, and I look forward to seeing you all when I am recovered. Please email/use contact form/text if you need to contact me. Caroline.

NB. please check your spam/junk folders for confirmation and approval emails. If you are unsure of the length of booking, then please call or use the general enquiry contact form.

For general enquiries please use the contact form

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