Tellington TTouch Training

A Holistic respectful method of training, handling and learning.

Using a combination of specific touches, lifts, and movement exercises, TTouch helps to release tension and increase body awareness. This allows the animal to be handled without provoking typical fear responses. The animal can then more easily learn new and more appropriate behaviours.

It is not about ‘quick fixes’, it is about working with that animal to bring a new awareness, offering another experience and giving new information, so the animal can be more flexible and adaptive, often having profound positive behaviour changes.

Brief examples of how TTouch has helped dogs I have worked with:

Border Collie - handling issues

Fearful of being touched and groomed on rear end (she would turn to bite and instantly sit down), within 6 weeks, (approx 4 sessions) and work by the owner between sessions, I managed to groom without any concern the dog the entire animal whilst it stood patiently.

Bonus – the owner noticed a reduced level of anxiety especially around loud noises and fireworks, with the dog staying lying down, where it would normally have run and hide away in a corner. The owner can now regularly maintain this dog’s glorious coat and take her to the vets without undue concern.

Jack Russell - calming behaviour due to ill health

Suffers from CDS resulting in a coma-like sleeping during the day and during the night time pacing and being very restless – waking her owner every two hours through the night by falling over things like the water
bowl or getting ‘trapped’ in a corner disorientated.

After two sessions, and giving the owner some touches to use, including ones to waken the dog gently but effectively, and also calming techniques to use during the night to de-stress her, the dog now sleeps much better at night (sometimes for 6-8 hours at a stretch).

Bonus – The owner also reports her dog is much more aware, even wagging her tail again! and is now working on
improving her body awareness and coordination.

Greyhound - fireworks distress

Extremely fearful of fireworks and loud noises. I worked on this dog one New Year’s eve, and managed to calm the dog enough that it slept for short periods, significantly reducing her panting, shaking and restlessness during the session.

Bonus – The owner observed that the following day her dog was much more relaxed than normal, which surprised and very much pleased her as this was unusual after her difficult night with the fireworks.

Labradoodle -Workshop feedback

kipper ttworkshop

I took Kipper along to Caroline’s Tellington Touch workshop to help with fireworks night. What a success! He is laying quietly under my chair not worried about fireworks. We have been practising the different touches since the workshop and combined with the thunder shirt the difference is amazing! Thank you very much

Cockerpoo - Calming issues

Hi Caroline, I just wanted to say that after only one TTouch session with you this amazing technique has really helped my cockapoo Daisy. When we are on walks she would often in the past be fearful of other big dogs and snap at them in defense. Now when I see a big dog coming I do TTouch circles on her chest and massage her jaw and it really relaxes her to the point so now most of the time, she just sniffs the dog and walks on. Thank you so much! Helen

TTouch can help with the following:

Excessive Barking & Chewing
Leash Pulling
Jumping Up
Aggressive Behaviour
Extreme Fear & Shyness
Excitability & Nervousness
Body defensiveness due to injury
Car Sickness/fear of the car
Health issues
Lack of focus in agility classes

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