2017 Tellington TTouch Workshops


Saturday May 20th (10am- 4pm)

Sunday June 11th (12noon – 5pm)

Sunday August 20th (12noon – 5pm)

Saturday October 21st (10am – 4pm)

Venues and details the same for each workshop as detailed below, however Saturday workshops are £60, Sundays are £50, spectators £40 on either days.

Introduction to TTouch including Touches, Bodywork and Groundwork.

Will involve inside work and outside exercises. Open to all ages of people and dogs. A relaxing day learning about how to calm and positively influence your dog.

Suitable for all dogs, except those with dog on dog aggression, but please contact me to discuss.

Please bring lunch, coffee and biscuits will be provided.

Places limited to 5 dogs, so please contact me if interested.

£60 (saturdays)  or £50 (Sundays)  per person with one dog.

Spectator places £40 each.

The Cowshed Studio
Hammes Farm
Washington Road
West Sussex

BN44 3DA