New On-line Booking System – Its here!

Whilst I have been in lockdown my website developer (the saint!) and I have been busy putting a new online booking system into place, and this is now live.

It is found on services/bookings page on this website and I welcome everyone to use it where you know how long your groom usually takes. eg 1hour, 1.5hours, 3 hours.  There are booking slots for all these.

So for current clients, please feel free to book your grooms for your next, or even the whole years worth of appointments. 

The system will send me an email which I can approve and confirm your booking, and an email will be sent to remind you about your booking the day before. Awesome.

If you do not know the time it will take for a groom, or if you need longer time than usual, please feel free to book something and put in the comments your notes, I can amend your booking and contact you if necessary.

If you are a new client, please fill in the booking enquiry form on the contact page, and I will contact you. 

You will be able to book grooms, teeth cleaning session (30 mins each), TTouch training/general dog training sessions.

If you wish to book nail clipping as a separate entity, please contact me via the enquiry form/call me/text me/FB me however you wish and I will book you in.

Do hope you enjoy the new system and it works for all of us.



Stylish Fido is currently only open to existing customers, with strict procedures during the Covid-19 lockdown.

At your appointment time, please enter the garden, and just inside the gate remove all collar and leads and let your dog off. I will be waiting. If you dog is small and likely to bolt as you leave, there is a crate by the door you can use.

Please don’t try and enter the salon. Remember I have CCTV so I can see you at the gate and will know you are there. We can still talk across the garden.

Try and use gloves or disinfect hands after using the gate handles/crate latch. I can’t guarantee to clean these after each visitor, but I am trying.

I will pick up your dog from the garden and put straight in the bath. At the end of the groom, (and after I have sprayed your dog with a animal safe disinfectant), I will wait until you are safely inside the garden again and then release your dog to you.

Please try and pay via BACS whenever possible (contact me for details), or if you have to pay cash I can still take it, however, please leave on the crate.

Thank you for your continued custom at this time.

Stay safe everyone

Caroline and the gang

APDT – Association of Pet Dog Trainers

Over the last year, I have been working hard on my dog training qualifications, and am proud to say I have now passed all my theory and completed the classroom elements, and am now awaiting a full assessment in July.

I have now full Student membership and am fully able to teach all range of dogs and owners basic commands, behaviours and general good manners in both a 1-2-1 and full class situations.

Full membership will be given when I pass my assessment and more theory homework to be submitted early 2020, with assessment date booked for July 2020.

Classes will be starting soon!

Happy days, Happy dogs, Happy owners.

More Qualifications!!

I am so pleased to announce that I have now graduated to P2 TTouch practitioner.

This recognises my experience with TTouch, through workshops, ongoing training and continued development.

I am now able to teach 2-day workshops if I wish… watch this space !

Woop woop

2020 Workshops ! New Venue! – Sat 28th March 2020- POSTPONED

Introduction to Tellington TTouch for Companion Animals Workshop 2020

Same venue, also Wednesday 15th April 2020.

Please feel free to contact me if you are at all interested in attending a day workshop in Sussex.

Privacy Policy

Stylish Fido collects the following information:

Name, address, email address, title, contact phone numbers, dog name and vet details.

These are kept secure and clients have the right to see the information held on them at any time.

Email addresses are kept on a database and all current email clients have been contacted with the option to opt into future email communication.

No information is made to any third party, unless required by law (eg police).

You have the right to obtain a copy of your personal data, or have it deleted.

May 2018


Labels and Intention

At one of my successful workshops this year (2014), we talked about ‘labels’ we use on our dogs e.g. my dog is ‘naughty‘ or she is ‘my poor rescue’.  When we attach emotions and negative words to describe our animals we see them imperfect or having problems.  They may not be the perfect beings we imagined or are striving for, but how about we call them ‘challenging and in-training’ or ‘my new best friend’ . When we think and talk of them negatively we put that emotion down the lead and reinforce feelings we don’t actually want to encourage.  So give your loved companions a pat on the back, imagine them as you want them to be, and strive forward with perfect intentions and help your animal be the best they can be, they will follow your lead – literally!