Doggy Teeth Cleaning

Cleaning your dog’s teeth

As with us humans, keeping your dog’s teeth clean is very important to avoid plaque build-up and dental disease. Dental disease is very common in dogs, second only to ear infections, and can be extremely uncomfortable – much like we would experience. 

And some breeds are more susceptible to dental disease than others, for example, Brachycephalic dogs, like Pugs and Chihuahuas, have poorly aligned jaws with crowded or absent teeth 

As with everything its always easier to start teeth cleaning when they’re a puppy and brush their teeth every day to get them used to it. However, if you haven’t been able to do this then gradually introduce the activity by having your finger near their mouth. Maintain the habit and slowly introduce brushing until this is natural.

You’ll need a to buy a dog toothpaste as human ones aren’t suitable. A special dog toothbrush that goes over your finger can be used to brush their teeth, otherwise you could use a child sized toothbrush.

You should keep brushing their teeth as part of a regular grooming routine.

When to contact your vet

Regular brushing can keep plaque and dental disease away, but you must contact your vet if your dog has any urgent symptoms such as:

  • Bleeding or damaged gums 
  • Mouth is infected giving off a fouler than usual smell
  • Discoloured teeth that die and fall out
  • Sensitive or painful teeth
  • Noticeable difficulty in eating.

Emmi-Pet Ultrasonic Toothbrushing

  • Stylish Fido uses an Emmi-Pet ultrasonic toothbrush to clean your dogs’ teeth. It is completely silent, non-vibrating and non-invasive as it is held against the teeth with no brushing action resulting in a much calmer experience for your dog. Find out more on the ultrasonic toothbrush blog.

Emmi-Pet Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning System

Stylish Fido can now offer the following dog teeth cleaning service

Introducing the Emmi-pet system


  • It is completely silent
  • Non vibrating toothbrush
  • You do not even need to move the toothbrush around so the dogs don’t mind
  • It’s completely safe for all dogs, the ultrasound waves are just harmless air vibrations
  • It cleans deep into the gum line so not just where you can see but where you cannot see….

An ultrasonic toothbrush? 

Keeping your dog’s teeth clean is very important. It can help prevent a build-up of plaque and tartar as well as helping fight dental diseases like periodontitis. And it can help fight bad breath, tooth loss and gum inflammation.

Here at Stylish Fido, we use the Emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush system® when cleaning your dog’s teeth. 

The Emmi-pet has a piezo chip in the brush head which creates up to 96 million air oscillations every minute. When these ultrasound waves are mixed with the special toothpaste and water it creates millions of nano bubbles which keep imploding on each other – this, in turn, creates a suction effect which removes impurities, plaque and tartar and kills germs and bacteria.

Emmi-Pet is totally silent, non-invasive and doesn’t vibrate. It is held against the teeth with no brushing action, all of which results in a much calmer experience for your dog. 

It is suggested that for a new client, 3 separate 30 min sessions within 2 weeks should result in a really good clean mouth.  Once the tartar has been removed, 15min sessions can be booked to tag onto your normal grooming routine, and this will keep the teeth from becoming built up again with tarter etc.


(You will be required to sign the following on your first teeth cleaning visit – I have them printed out)

Emmi-Pet Teeth Cleaning Disclaimer

Thank you for booking Emmi-Pet Teeth Cleaning for your pet. 

Our Emmi-Pet teeth cleaning service is exactly that – a teeth cleaning service.  It is suitable for dogs with mild to moderate tartar build up  It can help heal gum disease, remove plaque and tartar and freshen breath.  The operator is not a veterinarian and teeth cleaning is not a substitute for veterinary treatment where a dog requires dental work beyond cleaning.

Owners should be aware that:

  • removal of even mild tartar build up can reveal conditions that could not be seen prior to removal that may need veterinary attention. 
  • Emmi-Pet teeth cleaning is effective at healing gum disease and removing plaque and tartar but is less effective at removing stating on the teeth.  (Staining is cosmetic and has no ill effect o the dog’s welfare).

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