Book onto a TTouch Workshop – Fireworks special

fireworks_dogHelping your dog cope with Firework season. Workshop details:

Sunday 26th October 2014
12.00 – 17.00

Cowshed Studio, Steyning Hosted by Caroline Still P1 Practitioner

Changing behaviour through posture – Learning skills to help calm, relax, and give confidence to your dog or cat”

Suitable for calming excitable dogs, teaching puppies manners, dogs that pull on the lead, dogs with fearful tendencies, calming dogs reactive to noise (eg fireworks) and much much more…

I will be teaching you about this holistic, respectful way of learning, training, behaviour and communication with your animal, the day will consist of individual and group sessions and slow outside groundwork exercises for your dog, nothing strenuous or difficult!. Available for all ages and abilities, puppies or older dogs. (no dog-to-dog aggressive animals please. Contact me for details on individual sessions.)

£40 per person with maximum of one dog per paying person. Spectators £30 welcome.

Price includes tea, coffee, biscuits, please bring your own lunch.

Places very limited due to small class size, please book now, a deposit will be required to hold your place.

All enquires and bookings through Caroline please on
or call 07940 080980

Fireworks season

TTouch, changing behaviour through posture

Introduction to Tellington-Touch

Welcome to my fourth blog about this unique, holistic and positive method of working and bonding with your animal friends.

My name is Caroline Still and I am a local dog groomer and T-Touch Practitioner for companion animals.

Developed by Linda Tellington-Jones over 30 yeas ago, TTouch uses simple body movements (Ttouches) to improve circulation, behaviour and co-ordination.  These touches help to reduce tension, promoting an overall sense of wellbeing and calm.

TTouch influences the nervous system with highly effective techniques that not just owners, but care-givers such as vet nurses, groomers and dog walkers can learn and use on a daily basis.  TTouch is non-invasive, and can be used alongside other care.

This month:  Firework season

The noise of fireworks can be incredibly upsetting for some animals, and many owners fear firework season. Finding an area on your dog to calm and reassure can be beneficial, this is often around the chest area.  Using slow circular strokes, with a very light touch might be enough to focus the animal, even just for a brief moment, so it can relax even if just for two seconds.  Ear work – stroking the dog’s ear from base to top, slowly and lightly can be very beneficial.  Using Thundershirts© and touch methods combined can produce positive results.

To show your animals there is a different, more positive way to be, will be the first stage in a miraculous journey for you both.