New On-line Booking System – Its here!

Whilst I have been in lockdown my website developer (the saint!) and I have been busy putting a new online booking system into place, and this is now live.

It is found on services/bookings page on this website and I welcome everyone to use it where you know how long your groom usually takes. eg 1hour, 1.5hours, 3 hours.  There are booking slots for all these.

So for current clients, please feel free to book your grooms for your next, or even the whole years worth of appointments. 

The system will send me an email which I can approve and confirm your booking, and an email will be sent to remind you about your booking the day before. Awesome.

If you do not know the time it will take for a groom, or if you need longer time than usual, please feel free to book something and put in the comments your notes, I can amend your booking and contact you if necessary.

If you are a new client, please fill in the booking enquiry form on the contact page, and I will contact you. 

You will be able to book grooms, teeth cleaning session (30 mins each), TTouch training/general dog training sessions.

If you wish to book nail clipping as a separate entity, please contact me via the enquiry form/call me/text me/FB me however you wish and I will book you in.

Do hope you enjoy the new system and it works for all of us.