Stylish Fido is currently only open to existing customers, with strict procedures during the Covid-19 lockdown.

At your appointment time, please enter the garden, and just inside the gate remove all collar and leads and let your dog off. I will be waiting. If you dog is small and likely to bolt as you leave, there is a crate by the door you can use.

Please don’t try and enter the salon. Remember I have CCTV so I can see you at the gate and will know you are there. We can still talk across the garden.

Try and use gloves or disinfect hands after using the gate handles/crate latch. I can’t guarantee to clean these after each visitor, but I am trying.

I will pick up your dog from the garden and put straight in the bath. At the end of the groom, (and after I have sprayed your dog with a animal safe disinfectant), I will wait until you are safely inside the garden again and then release your dog to you.

Please try and pay via BACS whenever possible (contact me for details), or if you have to pay cash I can still take it, however, please leave on the crate.

Thank you for your continued custom at this time.

Stay safe everyone

Caroline and the gang