Q: Why do I need my dog groomed?

A: for both your dog’s welfare and your benefit. All dogs are health checked and observed with records made of findings so that your dog can be monitored and hopefully problems found early and brought to your attention. Feedback sheets are given after every groom for your information if requested.

You should benefit from a healthier animal (with maybe fewer trips to the vets), not to mention a happier calmer and sweeter smelling best friend.

Q: Do you hand strip dogs?

A: Yes – if your dog has a coat that can be stripped and the hair is ready we will hand strip. There is an additional fee for this as it is very time-consuming – but it gives a beautiful finish and keeps the texture, colour and quality of the coat, which clipping destroys in strippable coats.

Q: How do you keep everything clean?

A: All equipment is sterilised between each dog and the tables and bath are cleaned with animal-safe disinfectant to kill any nasties that may have been left behind after a grooming session. All areas are washed down and disinfected at the end of each day.

Q: Why do I need to bring treats – I don’t want my dog getting fat.

A: It is really important that your dog associates the groom with something positive. We use treats to ensure all dogs find the grooming process a positive and rewarding experience, especially if they are nervous or anxious. You can bring in small treats, or even part of your dogs dried meal if you are concerned with weight issues.