TTouch, changing behaviour through posture

Introduction to Tellington-Touch

Welcome to my third blog about this unique, holistic and positive method of working and bonding with your animal friends.

My name is Caroline Still and I am a local dog groomer and TTouch Practitioner for companion animals.

Developed by Linda Tellington-Jones over 30 yeas ago, TTouch uses simple body movements (Ttouches) to improve circulation, general health and co-ordination.  These touches help to reduce tension, promoting an overall sense of wellbeing and calm.

TTouch influences the nervous system with highly effective techniques that not just owners, but care-givers such as vet nurses, groomers and dog walkers can learn and use on a daily basis.  T-Touch is non-invasive, and can be used alongside other care.

This month:  Observation

Its amazing what we see when we actually look.  We can learn a lot about our pet’s health and well-being by being observant.  Take some time to really look at your animal, how does it sit, sleep, walk and run? how does its coat sit? does it have any interesting patterns or whirls?  A very clear indication of changing in your pet’s condition can be coat change, simple changes in texture, growth direction and or colour can indicate something going on underneath.  Spend a few minutes this week looking with different eyes, and love your pets for the wonderful animals they are.

To show your animals there is a different, more positive way to be, will be the first stage in a miraculous journey for you both.